Workflow Automation

Easily Automate Tasks, Texts, Emails and many more.

Make your sales and marketing efforts more effective and efficient with Power Flo that lets you automate and workflow.

Makes the creation of marketing campaigns straightforward

The tool allows you to create what essentially looks like a flowchart. You create an event – an email invite, for example – then set follow-up events to occur.

The workflows are created using the drag-and-drop tool, plus you have submenus that allow you to customize the specifics of each event.

The beauty of this tool is that you can connect all your marketing channels (emails, social media, text, etc.) and use them in your workflows.

Customize Follow-ups for Campaigns

Follow-ups can make or break a campaign as they keep the lead engaged for longer and can turn into a sale. You can use workflows to trigger specific action after an event has occurred.

For example, if you held a free webinar, you can set up a follow-up that sends out a discount code to attendees. For the no-shows, you can send out a video for a replay and so on.

Create Multi-Channel Campaigns

Your campaigns can include as many – or as few – channels are you like. They can be purely one channel (email, for example) or be a mix of social media, text, and email.

The workflow tool lets you map out the chain of events, so you know precisely when and how each communication channel will kick in and what the message will be.


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