Appointments & Calendar Management

Keep track of your calendar to make sure no appointments will be missed.

Build team calendars, sync up your appointments to Google & Outlook, require payments, and so much more!

Set up and manage all appointments and bookings

You can choose the length of each appointment, the buffer time (time between appointments), which days appointments are available, and the date range. A time zone feature also prevents bookings from being made in time zones different from yours.

You can embed a calendar into funnels, forms, landing pages, and websites so the user can book an appointment directly. All appointments get automatically added to the pipeline of that particular campaign, and you can manage them from the Power Flo dashboard.

You can also set up automatic reminders for confirmed bookings.


On-The-Go with our Management App

  • Receive & Send SMS, Calls, DMs, & More!

  • Receive & Respond To Reviews. Track Your Online Reputation With Simple Charts

  • Keep Up To Date With Appointments Or Employee Scheduling & Tasks

  • Create Contacts, add or remove tags, and enter them into workflows or pipelines

  • Custom Business Number

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